kedd, március 31, 2020

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About the webpage

The webpage is for people who are working on projects.
You can find on the page a new and unique way to find people. It's tested and can be used in every field.

Projektallasok Mission

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This method is great small and mid size companies,
You won't need HR or headhunters to find a reliable new employee.
Thoughtful, tested and working process.

Here is a complete strategy to make your entire selection process easy from the beginning till the end.

As in your project, planning is the most important part. If it is done properly, the selection process becomes quick and efficient.

About the creator

I have worked in projects for my entire career.
I was based in Japan for two years. Before that, I worked in Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Hungary.
I have participated in several automobile development projects.
Based on these experiences, I developed a new project based employee finding method.
I wrote a book in 2019 for people who are just joining the workforce or work for several years and want to develop themself. The main focus of the book is how to work in a project.

My belief as the founder of Projektallasok is that dedicated business needs to work with dedicated experts!